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Full-color logo examples

Logo Only

full color MeL logo

Logo with "Michigan eLibrary"

full color logo with Michigan eLibrary

Logo with tagline

Color logo with tagline

Usage Guidelines

Minimum size

example of minimum printed logo size

To maintain legibility, the minimum size of the logo for printed materials is based on the overall width being no less than 1" wide. 

Minimum padding

Example of padding around logo

A minimum amount of padding equal to the width of the counterspace in the lowercase "e" should be maintained around all sides of the logo. Other information such as copy, images, or graphic elements should not overlap the logo's clear space.

Proportional Scaling

When scaling the logo up or down, it should be done proportionately. For instance, the logo should never be stretched 200% horizontally and 150% vertically, nor rotated in any way. Proportional resizing can be done by holding the shift key while dragging to resize. 

Examples of improper logo resizing




This is the general use color.

Blue Color Codes


  • CMYK: 100/35/0/0
  • RGB: 0/110/182
  • HEX: #006EB6
  • Pantone: 300U



This is the primary color for Educators.

Red Color Codes


  • CMYK: 8/86/100/36
  • RGB: 143/42/20
  • HEX: #8F2A14
  • Pantone: 174C



This is the primary color for Library Staff.

Green Color Codes


  • CMYK: 50/9/98/61
  • RGB: 73/100/27
  • HEX: #49641B
  • Pantone: 371C



This is the primary color for Kids.

Rust Color Codes


  • CMYK: 5/83/100/27
  • RGB: 173/77/27
  • HEX: #AD4D1B
  • Pantone: 1675 C