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Need some support?

This FAQ is intended for library staff. If your question is not answered here, contact MeL eResources Support at the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS) at 517-939-1384 or email or check the MeL eResources Help page. If you are a library patron, please contact your home library for help.

There are over 70 eResources in MeL. For the complete listing, visit the MeL eResources page.

The MeL eResources are purchased through Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds administered by the Library of Michigan and through state appropriations.

Yes! Any library in the state can have access to all of the MeL eResources. View all of the information on MeL eResources Access.

Access these instructions that will walk you through the different types of URLs you can use on your library website.

View the full text available eResources. There is also a link to that page in the header titled eJournals.

The EBSCO website contain lists of all of the titles indexed in the EBSCO eResources. These lists also indicate which titles are available in full text online. See the EBSCO title lists for more information.

The Library of Michigan has contracts with many of the current vendors to provide access to the core eResources through September of 2023, contingent on continued federal LSTA and state funding. The Library of Michigan intends to keep supporting MeL eResources in the future.

The best way to stay current is to come to this web site frequently. Another way to receive information is to subscribe to the MeL eResources electronic mailing list.

MeL eResource staff are at the Library of Michigan and at the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services. Administration and marketing support are located at the Library of Michigan. The Library of Michigan contracts with the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services for library training and support for MeL.

If you would like to register for the MeL eResources, please fill out the MeL eResources Registration Request.

Yes. Any participating library can arrange for IP address access by contacting MeL eResources Support at MCLS.

To report any addition or change in your library's IP address, please use the IP Reporting Form.

Most eResource vendors use the Internet Protocol (IP) numbers assigned to your local area network when you were connected to the Internet. These numbers tell the vendor that you are authorized to have access to the eResources. Because the vendor authenticates users by IP number, you will not be asked for a password or account number when you access the eResources. This means that library patrons and staff can connect to the eResources by simply clicking on an icon or hyperlink on your library's home page. Please note: your library's IP must be static (does not change) and dedicated (is used only by your library, no other location in your community).

To report any addition or change in your library's IP address, please use the MCLS IP Reporting Form.

Yes, you can. Your access will, however, be authenticated using passwords and not recognized by the IP address registered. To receive more detailed information, please email We encourage all libraries to have static, dedicated IP addresses to use the MeL eResources.

Approximately one year prior to the expiration of a contract, the Library of Michigan issues a Request for Proposals (RFP). Vendors who are chosen to participate provide trial access to their products for a team of librarians across the state and from all types of libraries who test and evaluate the products. These evaluations are considered by the Library of Michigan staff who make the final determination, negotiate contracts and implement the projects.

The Library of Michigan uses LSTA funds to contract with the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services to offer free MeL training for library/institution staff members.

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  9. Is access by IP address recognition possible?
  10. I see something on the form that asks for IP numbers. What's that all about?
  11. Our library doesn’t have an IP range because we use dial-up for our Internet. Can we still participate?
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