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MeL Minute: Opposing Viewpoints in Context

There are updates to the very popular Opposing Viewpoints in Context! Use this MeL resource for excellent commentary and viewpoints on numerous social issues.  It’s perfect for social studies research and for inquiring minds at your libraries!

Coming in November, an Opposing Viewpoints In Context extension will be available in the Chrome Web Store. When added to Chrome browsers, it will display results from Gale’s popular database alongside Google search results.

The Gale Chrome extension puts OVIC resources in the everyday workflow. Library users can view and retrieve high quality content from Opposing Viewpoints In Context that includes academic journals, reference content, and viewpoints on today’s hottest social issues.

Training documents and tutorials for libraries will be available in November. Check out the Gale website and Michlib-l for updates about these materials.

Article Commentary and Perspectives

Within featured portal viewpoints, Opposing Viewpoints In Context now provides Article Commentary/perspectives on the selected document.  Similar to the Global Issues In Context experience, a brief summary and questions to consider while reading the document are visible at the top of the viewpoint when accessed directly from the portal page.

Also, there are 57 New/Updated Portals featuring a combination of new licensed viewpoints, infographics, websites etc. 

New Topics include:

  • Alt-Right
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Memes and Viral Content
  • Sexual Harassment
  • States’ Rights

Brought to you by Deb Renee Biggs and Sonya Schryer Norris, Library Consultants at the Library of Michigan

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