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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Following is the latest news from MeL database vendor Gale regarding their In Context products. MeL database Opposing Viewpoints in Context is covered by these enhancements.  Changes in Research In Context, also a MeL database will be implemented in the future.

In Context family of products (Biography, Canada, Global Issues, Science, Student Resources, U.S. History, and World History) will now provide shorter citation and bookmark URL links. What you’ll find is:

  • Shorter URLs that provide users with a direct link to a Gale document or portal page.
  • Users are taken directly into a single document or portal page without an authentication request.
  • Multiple citation formats are available in the product citation tool to make it easier for users to cite their research.
  • EZ Proxy information is now displayed in the citation URL when present in the school or libraries Gale Admin account.

Additionally, new and updated content has been released into many of the Gale In Context products.  Opposing Viewpoints In Context now has homepage spotlights that feature U.S. foreign relations, politics and the media, the new 115th Congress, STEM education, and flexible workplaces in addition to new portal pages on LGBT Rights and State Laws, Net Neutrality, and Sentencing and Prison Reform. Additionally, topics such as the presidential election process and ISIS have been updated and more than 140 new websites have been added related to such subjects as animal rights, bullying, and social media.

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