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MeL Search Help

Regular (Basic) Search

Books, articles and additional resources available in MeL. To determine if a specific database is covered in this search, click on "Databases" in the black bar above.

  • What you input is what you get - wide open search with no facets (qualifiers) applied. Search standards as described below apply.

Advanced Search

It is important to note that the Advanced Search page can be divided into thirds and each third used differently to construct your search. The Boolean searching at the top of the page searches both MeLCat and many MeL databases. The center of the page, which includes Format, Language, and Year of Publication, refers to MeLCat results. The bottom of the page, which includes the EDS Limits and Expanders, refers to results from MeL databases and MeL Michigana.

Search standards described below apply to results.

Top Third - Construct a Search of MeLCat and Many MeL Databases

  • Keyword Searching is available in content, title, subject, and author fields.
    • "Keyword" will search all content.
    • "Title" only in the titles.
    • "Author" only in the authors.
    • "Subject" only in the subjects.
  • Two text boxes for search terms are shown initially. You may use one, both, or add additional terms by clicking And, Or, or Not next to the Add Boolean: option. Each box lets you choose the field in which your term will be searched. Keyword search terms can be combined with and, or, or not.
    • "And" means all terms must be present. For example, Michigan and lighthouses finds articles that contain both Michigan and lighthouses.
    • "Or" means any of the terms may be present.
    • "Not" means the term must not be present.

Middle Third

Note: You will still receive results from MeLCat and many MeL Databases, but the only results affected by making choices in the format and language options below will be those from MeLCat. The Year of Publication affects MeLCat, MeL Databases and MeL Michigana results.

  • 14 Format options
    • ANY is the default. Format options only limits the MeLCat formats. All EDS formats will be returned even when you select a specific format(s) otherwise. To select a specific format(s):
      • Click on the down arrow to see a list of available formats.
      • Click on the + sign to add additional format types.
  • 100s of language options
    • ANY is the default. To select a specific language or languages:
      • Click on the down arrow to see a list of available languages.
      • Click on the + sign to add additional languages.
  • Year of publication range can be indicated. Full year only, does not accommodate month/day. Beginning date is as early as the oldest item in MeLCat.

Bottom Third - Limit Your Search Within Many MeL Databases and Within MeL Michigana

Note: You will still receive results from MeLCat and many MeL Databases, but the only results affected by making choices in the options below will be those from MeLDatabases and MeL Michigana

  • EDS Limits can be applied. Either, both, or none can be selected
    • Full Text. ONLY full text results from e-journals and ebook collections will be included.
    • Available in Library Collection. ONLY results from MeL owned resources will be included.
  • EDS Expanders can be applied. Either, both, or none can be selected.
    • Apply related words. Uses a thesaurus to include related search keywords including true synonyms and plurals of your terms.
    • Also search within the full text of the articles. Search keywords are located in the entire content of resources and articles, not just the metadata. This can significantly increase the number of results but makes the search slower and possibly less relevant.

Search Standards

Regardless of the type of search completed, the following apply:

  • By default, results are listed by relevance (most to least) with an optional resort by date of publication (latest to oldest).
  • Results are quantified by facet (qualifier) in the left column.
  • Results can be refined by selecting from the facets (qualifiers) in the left column. These include: MeLCat, Articles & eResources, Peer Reviewed, Format, Language, Subject, Location, Publisher, Journal, Database, Collection, and Year Published.
  • Clicking on the title of a search result displays the detailed record (citation information), a link to view full text, or get this from MeLCat and tools which may include - print, email, save, cite, export, permalink, bookmark, and document translate.
  • Clicking on the View Full Text link in a search result connects to the source and displays the content.
  • Clicking on the Get this from MeLCat link takes you to the MeL login screen to begin the process of borrowing the item if available (for eligible users).
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