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MeL is the Michigan eLibrary, an anywhere, anytime library for Michigan residents. Here you can find specific help for the main areas of MeL and a Frequently Asked Questions section (below) for general information about MeL.

We also have help for:
Frequently Asked Questions

Why are libraries using MeLCat Visiting Patron instead of Michicard?
After many years of serving Michigan library patrons, Michicard has been superceded by MeLCat Visiting Patron. View the Visiting Patron FAQ here.

Why can't I order audiovisual materials from MeLCat?
There has been a policy change that affects libraries who do not participate in sharing audiovisual materials. View the audiovisual policy here.

If I use my driver's license to access a MeL database, will the Department of Motor Vehicles be able to locate me over some old parking tickets?
No. The database that MeL uses to verify Michigan residency does not link to your actual driving record or license information. Here's more about logging in.

How do I know which database to use?
Some database titles are self-explanatory such as Health and Wellness Resource Center, but many databases cover more than one topic. You can read through the column of topics covered at the MeL Databases page, use the specific help page for MeL Databases, or ask your local librarian for help.

Why can't I order books from MeLCat?
Not all libraries in Michigan participate in MeLCat and the project is in a growth phase. In time, many more of Michigan's libraries will participate in MeLCat. Check if your library participates in MeLCat.

I'm a librarian who wants to know more about MeL. Can you direct me to more technical information?
Please visit the at the Library of Michigan.

My questions still aren't answered.
Contact your local library for more information.

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